Our Specialty

Crop Farming

Our focus is to consistently produce and supply our clients with quality farm produce. Our process begins from being attentive to our soil to ensure its readiness for cultivation, to plant selection, through growth, harvest and storage. We specialize in the optimization of plant nutrients through the selection of quality fertilizers and the effective application of plant nutrition scheme. We are reputable in the production and delivery of healthy, nutrient-filled crops.


We keep a variety of pure breed birds and they are reared to the highest welfare standard. Our birds are raised in a climate-controlled housing facility that is equipped with the best technologies to ensure the optimization of flock performance and welfare. We are strict with the hygiene of our facilities which is situated in a serene and natural environment to facilitate the growth of healthy birds.


We pride ourselves on delivering top quality products. Our team is equipped with the expertise to monitor the growth and health of fishes right from the selection of broodstock through to saleable sized fish. Our fishes are raised on a disease-free and frequently inspected farm, protected from predators and parasites.

We monitor the behaviour of our fishes routinely and they are delivered with an up-to-date health check. Our facilities are kept in top conditions and fishes are given all dietary nutrients needed from birth till the point of sale to ensure our fishes are grown healthy.

Animal Husbandry

Over the years we have built a strong reputation and have become well known for the quality breed of livestock we produce. We focus on providing feeds that contain well-balanced nutrients to ensure the healthy growth of our animals. Our team consists of experienced staff in the art of customization of feeding programs, and are knowledgeable in the use of modern equipment and techniques to enable the growth, enhancement and cultivation of strong and healthy animals. Our facility is situated in a calm and stress-free environment and allows our animals to roam freely.

Innovative Agro Solutions

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